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Is the light box piece an indoor material or an outdoor material?

Yesterday, there was an inadvertent customer who had just started a business. If you buy a photo machine and light a box, you should buy a machine inside the house or an outdoor machine?  Today, Jin Mingda Xiaobian gives you a general knowledge about the light box, hope to help everyone. To know more, the light box is a beautiful legend. From now on, the streets and alleys are everywhere. This kind of development is amazing. Now there are many kinds of light boxes. Basically,  the light boxes can be divided into outdoor and indoor use.  There are two major categories, the difference between them, that is, the difference between outdoor waterproof light boxes and ultra-thin light boxes,  but what is the difference between the light boxes of these two light boxes?  For those interested in light boxes, it is very important to understand this. necessary.

What is the difference between an outdoor light box and an indoor light box?


First, we know that the types of light boxes are very rich. The production of each type of light box should be customized according to the requirements and habits of customers. Therefore, the light box piece is a flexible and flexible thing. First look at the outdoor light box, the most basic light box device. It has to be used in the outdoor light box, generally requires the material to be more durable, but also has a certain thickness, because the outdoor natural environment is no more than indoor, and the weather factor is very uncertain, in addition to the outdoor light box The important requirement is waterproofing and sun protection, so many people in this industry say that only light boxes that can withstand rain and sunlight are good light boxes.

Second, compared to the outdoor light box,  the indoor light box does not need to consider these problems, because there is no such factor in the indoor, and the indoor light box should be considered in the indoor effect, especially at night, the light box screen The texture must be suitable for the indoor lighting, how the two can not conflict is the people to consider. If the indoor light box is clear, it is best to use digital light, so that not only the pixels are high, but also the saturation of the color is very high. The light box used in the room can also use the photo light when the requirements are not high, and it can also bring good effects to the indoor advertising.


After introducing the difference between the outdoor light box and the indoor light box, we can see that the two light boxes are completely different according to the application occasion, and the materials used and the required lighting effects are completely different, while the outdoor light box requires The size of the picture is larger, the amplitude of the picture is also larger, and the picture is required to be more atmospheric and impactful, while the indoor light box piece is small and exquisite to win people's favorite. If you need to buy a photo machine now, I believe that Jin Mingda photo machine is a good choice for you!