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Company culture

Company culture

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Corporate vision


Create a well-known brand in the advertising industry

Core competitiveness of enterprises

Integrity-based, innovation as the soul


Enterprise spirit

Hard, honest, hard work


Grand ideal

Clearly understand the goals of the company, continuously innovate and improve new products on the basis of existing ones, continuously review and adjust the established strategies and methods to create a complete network system.


Employee culture

Loyal to the company, loyal to the profession, loyal to personality


Service philosophy

Do not abandon the service that does not give up every detail


Development culture

Survive by quality, promote development by reputation


Company culture


Development strategy


Looking forward to the future development strategy:

◆ Consolidate the domestic market and expand the foreign market: use the butterfly effect, adhere to every service, gradually make customers understand us, familiar with our products and believe in us, our goal is to become and always maintain the main force in the advertising industry

◆Innovation is our unshakable purpose, starting from the needs of our customers and continuously improving to make our products meet the needs of our customers to the utmost.

◆Enterprises are moving towards diversification

◆ Integrate the value chain system and enhance competitive advantage

◆Complete service system, own network of domestic and overseas dealers and after-sales service network